The most reliable antivirus software offers strong protection against malware along with a variety of security features and superior performance across all operating systems. It should be lightweight on your computer so that it doesn’t slow it down or even crash.

The old antivirus programs scanned for viruses while files were being written to disk or downloaded from the internet. If a file appeared suspicious, the software would quarantine or delete it, stopping the spread of malware. This software was great at fighting basic viruses, but as the number of malware threats that were new grew rapidly over the last decade, the older antivirus programs had a difficult time identifying new threats and prevent them from doing damage.

EDR (Enterprise Endpoint Detection and Response) which is also known as antivirus replacements, utilizes an entire set of preventive technologies in order to stop and detect everything from malware that is standard to novel attacks which have never been detected. This approach has proven to be more efficient than traditional antivirus tools that rely on signature-based detection.

The need for an antivirus program is contingent on your level of basic sanity and how frequently you use your computer. A quality antivirus program is necessary if you browse suspicious websites or download pirated software or don’t have other type of security. If you’re a Mac-user who only uses the app store and maintains a high level of security it’s possible to do without one. But all users should at a minimum consider purchasing an antivirus tool to protect against attacks from phishing.