The best workplace technology is a big element in whether meetings are productive. The best meeting room technology to meet your needs isn’t easy especially with a myriad of new technologies being developed at a rapid speed. There are a few key technologies for meeting rooms that can be used to make meetings more productive and collaborative.

One of the most important meeting technology trends is a solution that makes videoconferencing and collaboration seamless and easy. For example, TWM implemented a set of tools that allow employees to effortlessly switch from an actual conference call to a virtual whiteboard and vice versa, without any interruptions or problems. This helps create an immersive experience both in person and online for all those involved and helps make meetings more productive.

Another important technology trend for meeting rooms is a solution that lets participants easily access meeting information on their mobile devices. This allows everyone to have access to the most current version of board materials instead of having to deal with outdated versions of agendas minutes, minutes, voting records and other policies. This will cut down on time and cost a business has to spend on preparing for meetings.

Meeting rooms that are in the near future can also help to improve the efficiency of meetings by giving attendees the ability to take a better notes during meetings. For instance, companies such as OnBoard provide annotation features which allow members to quickly highlight and comment on areas of a paper. Audio technology has also adapted, with products such as Shure ceiling array mics, that are renowned for their studio-quality sounds but help to ensure that everyone at the meeting can be heard clearly.