Data encryption is a critical business security tool that helps ensure that information is genuine and not modified. Data encryption algorithms transform plaintext into ciphertext that can only be deciphered using the corresponding decryption key. Data encryption also helps prevent accidental or malicious data corruption during transmission between systems and storage locations.

IBM offers a range of data encryption technologies that help safeguard sensitive data within your company. Our solutions include database and file encryption, data at rest encryption for on-premises and cloud environments, as well as secure key management systems. Our solutions support your security goals and compliance requirements while reducing the cost and difficulty of implementing security improvements.

With more remote workers with features of modern encrypted call apps data encryption at rest helps to protect information from unwanted access, including lost or stolen devices as well as inadvertent password sharing and permission granting. It can also reduce the impact of ransomware attacks and malware infections.

To successfully implement a strategy for data encryption it is essential to begin with a robust, scalable solution that you can deploy throughout your company. The ideal data encryption solution will be transparent, meaning that it can encrypt data without any human intervention, and it should provide industry-leading encryption standards that are strong against threats such as side channel attacks and cryptanalysis. The solution must be scalable to support growing data volumes and user-friendly so that you can reduce the impact on employee productivity. It is also important to manage the encryption keys to ensure that they are protected against social engineering, phishing and other attacks.