Email is one of the most common ways hackers access your company’s data however, your basic email provider won’t do much to safeguard you from snooping. That’s why you should look into an email service that is secure and offers end-to-end encryption to prevent others from reading your emails.

This type of encryption ensures that your messages are only visible to you and the person you’re communicating with. Additionally, it shields your provider out. However it is important to note that not all secure email providers are equally. It is important to choose a service that has excellent security standards and policies, in addition to the essential features.

Be aware of the privacy policies of the email service provider and how they handle your information when you select an email service that is secure. You’ll also want to know if it will store your information, If so, where it is stored and for how long.

If your provider is in the United States, or in another country that is part of the 14 Eyes surveillance partnership, you should ensure that it has the option to store your private keys locally on your computer, rather than deletion from the server. This gives you an additional layer of security in the event that your service is seized by a government.

Proton Mail is a popular option for security in email due to its strict privacy practices and robust encryption technology. It’s an Open Source platform that is backed by privacy friendly Swiss laws. It’s an excellent option for activists, journalists and anyone seeking an efficient, reliable email service. Similarly, Tutanota is another trustworthy option that offers top-notch encryption standards, as well as an easy-to-use interface for users.