Data room software is essential for companies dealing with large volumes of confidential documents. It allows users to share sensitive documents, arrange them and monitor their activities in a virtual setting. To pick the right solution, businesses should look for a VDR with features like multilingual search (up to 16 languages) and a user-friendly NDA and watermarking, and numerous other advanced tools.

Besides being a reliable platform for data sharing, a good VDR should offer users the following benefits:

Secure reading for doc, Docx and ppt formats. images, gif, png and svg formats. The fence view option allows users to only view a small portion of the document while keeping the rest. A robust password policy and two-step verification protect the data from hackers, while the access permissions are granular and permit users to restrict access to documents to certain IP addresses or time periods.

iDeals offers a free trial that lasts up to 30 days and gives businesses the chance to test stress-free all premium features without commitment. The software includes full synchronization of desktop folders, corporate file storage systems (FTP, SFTP), and other FTP and SFTP services. It also includes a powerful indexing tool for thousands of documents and files and also Q&A. The service also comes with various security features, including obfuscation and data encryption for download and open as well as dynamic watermarking. The service also allows quick redaction of text, images and specified sections of the document to make sure that personal information and critical business data are kept secure.